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Pseudo : InkFingers
Avatar : Toby Kebbell
Âge : 35 ans
Profession : Gérant du coffeeshop Night Light
Monstruosité : Ceasg

You’re throwing stones
across my water
but my inner sea stay calm,
whatever happens.

The peaceful sound of the moving water
makes everything fade . . .
and if waves will grow
it will be just to wash everything away.

A clean surface will rise, sand returns white.
My heart is see-through
with brand new intentions.
I'm floating with no reason, and I'm so fucking good baby.

And he softly whispered: Too many tides will destroy your beauty
but it's not your fault, it's the moon to blame.

George Forbes
Every song's got its rules, you've got to learn to make it through
Mer 22 Aoû - 11:10
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C'est tout bon sweety


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Pseudo : Padre
Avatar : Ian McShane
Âge : 51 ans
Profession : Armateur
Monstruosité : Vouivre

Jonathan Dough
Mar 11 Sep - 9:27
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Nom du personnageJonathan Dough.
FaceclaimIan McShane.
<span class="monstre_nomavinc">Ian McShane</span><a href="">Jonathan Dough</a>
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Rang dans une organisation---

merci par avance :)

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Pseudo : Orphiel
Avatar : LP
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Monstruosité : Selkie

Ciáran Meredith
I can't wrestle apologies from the sea but fuck am I ever going to try
Mar 11 Sep - 10:28
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Je m'occupe de toi (fais moi du vin au passage What a Face )


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